If I wear higher SPF, can I apply less often?

If I wear higher SPF, can I apply less often?

A higher SPF sunscreen does not mean you can apply less often. You still need to apply your sunscreen correctly, and reapply at regular intervals to prevent sunburn.

Research has shown that Australian consumers do not apply enough sunscreen to reach the SPF levels on sunscreen labelling – that means, even if you are using SPF50+, if you are not applying enough you will not have the protection you think you do!

Similarly, layering different SPFs does not add up to a higher SPF. Applying an SPF20+ on top of an SPF30+ does not mean you are wearing SPF 50 sunscreen.

Is higher SPF always better?

In short, yes. While there are many levels of SPF available, and some people burn less quickly than others, every one should be wearing SPF 30+ at minimum, but preferably SPF 50+ to ensure they are as protected as possible.

Remember: just because you don’t look or feel like you are becoming sunburnt, does not mean sun damage isn’t occurring.

Which SPF should I use?

You should always aim for a higher SPF, but a general guide is to consider how long you will be out in the sun, and your skin type, and choose an appropriate SPF for those circumstances.

Check out our sunscreen application tips for advice on proper sunscreen application so you can ensure you’re properly protected.

What are the often-missed spots?

What are the often-missed spots when applying sunscreen?

These are the spots that are most often missed when applying sunscreen:

  • Under your eyes
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Shoulders
  • Behind the knees
  • Tops of the feet

Be sure to pay attention to them, as cumulative damage if you miss these spots too often can lead to skin cancer.

Do I need special sunscreen products for different body parts?

Correct application of your preferred sunscreen product should be sufficient if applied properly, and reapplied as required. However, some people prefer to use a specialty product for sensitive areas, such as lips. Check out our product page for more information.

What is the proper amount of sunscreen to use?

How much sunscreen do I need to use?

You should always be generous when applying sunscreen – its better to use a little more, than not enough!

We recommend you use approximately a dollop the size of a 20c coin per limb eg:

  • Each leg
  • Each arm
  • The front of your body
  • Back of your body
  • Your face and neck, including your ears.

Do I need to apply different amounts depending on which kind of sunscreen I use?

The above recommendation is a good guide for sun screen cream, sun lotion and gel products.

When using spray sun screens, you need to take a bit more care to ensure you are using enough product. Read the label for your chosen product, and refer to the below guide for more do’s and don’ts when using spray sunscreen products.

How can I convince my child to apply or reapply sunscreen?

How can I convince my child to apply or reapply sunscreen?

Convincing kids to apply or reapply sunscreen when they are having fun and being active outside can be a challenge, but its also an opportunity to teach them valuable lessons about sun safety and develop good habits.

Always try to apply sunscreen before going out

It’s easier to get that first application on if you can do it before they start engaging in fun activities. Explain to them that sunscreen works best if applied 20 minutes before they go outside, and will help keep them safer from the start.

Keep an eye on how long they’ve been outside

Sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours, or more frequently if they are running around and may be sweating some of it off.

If they are swimming, make sure they towel dry and reapply immediately after coming out of the water.

Let Colin Splodge and the Sizzledodge teach them about sun safety