Hi everyone
You may remember reports from last Summer, suggesting that some of our Aerosol sunscreens don’t offer the SPF stated on the label. We took these allegations very seriously and disagreed with the results that were entirely inconsistent with testing that has been conducted at independent, reputable labs in accordance with the Australian mandatory standards.

Today we are pleased to confirm that these allegations have been formally withdrawn. Consumers have been subjected to a number of false and misleading reports in recent times, but these reports and claims have been based on unreliable sources.

We are proud of our commitment to providing quality sun care. All Banana Boat products meet Australian mandatory standards which are some of the strictest in the world. We stood confidently behind the quality of our products, and the sun protection they offer, because our number one priority is providing effective sun protection for all Australians.
We’d like to thank everyone who has supported Banana Boat during this process for believing in us and our products as much we do.

Thank you
The Banana Boat Team